Text Mining: The ‘New Frontier’ of effective Customer Relationship Management, Research & Marketing. 


Eaagle is a software company providing leading text mining technology to CRM, Marketing and Research professionals.


Our leading text mining technology helps corporations truly listen to their customers, boost satisfaction, and increase sales and loyalty.  With Eaagle, you automate the analysis of large amounts of text information to identify patterns, opportunities and risks, take action and measure the impact over time.   

One of our Fortune 100 clients recently increased customer satisfaction by more than 10% in less than 2 months among its call centers: Can you believe it? With Eaagle, they were able to identify some of their clients’ real, previously undetected issues and take measurable action that dramatically improved customer satisfaction.

There is virtually no limit to the amount of  text data you can now tap into with Eaagle: Thousands of verbatim collected from survey (open-ended questions), customer complaints, emails, chats, forums, social networks posts, call center data, CRM text information… 

Contact us to know how leading telecom, transport or banking corporations use Eaagle to gain additional, actionable insights into their customer data.

Try Eaagle: It's free! (*).

Send us some free-text data from your latest survey or CRM: We will get back to you in no time with key insights. Do not hezitate! 


The Eaagle Team

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