Herman Miller

"save over 50% of the time that it used to take to perform an analysis on full-text data. I simply highlight the information within the spreadsheet and click a button to get a summary of the data within seconds.“  Read "Discovering Real Gems of Information"

Patty Bergquist – Senior Consultant and Associate Researcher, Hermann Miller

Large National Medical Transcription Company

"Let me say that I am impressed with your product. I am a recently retired military intelligence officer who would have really loved to have had this tool while on active duty! (…)  With nearly 800 survey respondents each answering 16 open-ended questions, we were faced with the daunting task of manually categorizing approximately 13,000 lines of text. At a rate of 1.5 minutes per entry, this was not an efficient use of resources. By my calculations, the manual analysis of this data would have cost my company approximately $47,232!

We used FTM to relate and quantify these enormous amounts of unstructured survey responses and FTM performed magnificently. It enabled me to complete the task in three days which also included generating the structured reports using their template tool."

Michael LaChance, VP of Strategic Planning and Research

Deloitte Consulting

"A powerful software tool for analyzing text-based materials that both summarizes the content and creates topographical maps of the outcome."

Deloitte Human Capital Practice / United Nations report 

Opinionway / Europe 1

« For the 1st French national radio network, we needed to analyze 14.000 verbatim in less than 3 hours during the French Primary debate for the presidential election. The radio needed the analysis for early morning news.

Without Eaagle, it would have required at least 3 days, which would have been too late !  With Eaagle, results were delivered on time, in 2,5 hours.

Charles Henri d’Auvigny. deputy COO, Opinionway

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