Save time & effort: Eaagle automates low value added, time consuming tasks :

  • No more manual categorization nor coding. Eaagle does it for you !
  • Automated client-oriented report generation, including web, tablet & smart phone-based reports,
  • No semantic pre requisites: No need to preload nor maintain lexicons, dictionaries, taxonomies, etc. Load data ‘ as is’ and click !

Deliver objective, unbiased results to your clients :

  • Eliminate bias in the data analysis process: No human coding nor taxonomies required,
  • All verbatim are analyzed and categorized, not only a selection portion of it,
  • No methodological bias: Eaagle technology is based on “contextual signal analysis”, not on predetermined statistical or probabilistic models.

Deliver top class, competitive service to clients :

  • Reduce analysis time by at least 50%: Pending on volume, analysis takes from a few minutes to a few hours. Not days! 
  • Discover value and make new recommendation, instead of focusing work on data themselves.

Easy to learn & use :

  • User friendly, web-based interface,
  • Fast learning curve,
  • Integrate Eaagle into your application of software.

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