Full Text Mapper


Eaagle Full Text Mapper is a Windows desktop text mining software that utilizes KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY as a basis for text analysis. 

Eaagle Full Text Mapper automatically MAPS data and enables you to analyze sets of full text data by topics, and also to generate customized report.  
Key benefits of FTM:


  • FAST - No need to prep data in advance
  • EASY - Use FTM with little or no training in text and data analysis
  • OBJECTIVE - No lexicons nor semantic dictionaries…no bias introduced 
  • VISUAL - Visually discover information
  • COMPLETE - Text mining and reporting in one complete solution
More online demos:
  • Discover Full Text Mapper's basic features of Full Text Mapper: relevant words and topics identification through mapping, weak or emerging signals identification, 3D Mapping, reporting (4'19).
  • Discover how to cross analyze free text data with Full Text Mapper (3'18).
  • Discover Full Text Mapper's expert features of Full Text Mapper: map multiple file formats, manage lexicons and languages, detect weak and emerging signals, share maps and communicate findings, use aditional map types and advanced setup (6'05).
Available versions:
Standard Edition (maps data from Excel ). 
Advanced Edition (maps data from Excel, Word, PDF (unprotected), TXT, …).

Full Text Mapper: Fast, Visual, Objective.

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